I Got A Notion For Some Ocean.

Looking into the future, what it holds, where my husband and I are going to settle down, permanently. We’ve lived in a few different places in Kentucky after we were married. Now that my father passed away, the family that I have in eastern Kentucky has shrank dramatically. All that’s left there is my grandma (my mother’s mother), my mother’s sister, aunt B and her son, and his son, my little second cuz. Being away from my family in the mountains these past 2 years has been very difficult, but so much has changed, and I know that I am ready to move on.

Now. Relocating.

Pretty much all of the family that I have left reside in Florida near Sarasota and all the areas around it. So…my aunt, my grandma and cousin and second cousin are all probably going to end up moving there next year or at some point. That leaves my mother. She is going to follow us wherever we go-my husband, my sister, and I. Family has always been a key theme in my life, so yep, looks like we are all going to be headed down to Florida by the end of next year, I think. Maybe.

WOW! I just did a quick Google Search for Florida images, and this was one of the first results! Perhaps another sign from above?



Climate change! Less allergies? I don’t know. I have not done my homework. I’m about to leave my old Kentucky home and move far away and live by the ocean. We are going to get a place near the beach. I love the ocean! When I stand back and look at it, I see God, The Almighty. I see His Power. But…I won’t get in it…lol! I love letting the waves crash against my legs though, on the edge/shoreline. I love Palm tress! I love the sand in my toes. I’ve only visited a handful of times in my life, but all of my memories are pleasant.

What does this mean for me?

Well…being that I am very, very weight-schematic, and concerned about my appearance, preparing for the move in working on my beach-body is a must! Ha Ha! Nah, I think we are all beautiful. Come as you are! I just want to really, really tone/firm up. I should totally be ready by then… I don’t compare myself to other women anymore. I am not that insecure 18 year old girl anymore. I love myself in the now, which is really helping and is going to help me achieve all goals.

It also means finding the right house, the right neighborhood. This will be our very own home! Owning a home has been a dream of ours for a long time. I want to pick the best one, because very more than likely it will be permanent. I’ve looked on some real estate websites like Zwillow and Trulia, and have seen some amazing things! I need to research what’s reasonable for the area. We must weigh our options well when we go house-hunting! I most definitely want a patio-screened in type area with indoor pool. The climate there is much different than what we’ve known here for quite sometime in central Kentucky. I’m leaving the actual Horse Capital of the World! That’s fine with me, I never ride anyway.

Perhaps the career opportunities will be great there, as the city is much larger than where we are living now. I am ready to find my place in this world. I have some ideas, but haven’t exactly pinpointed it yet (But that’s another post).

My husband is a major salt aquarium addict, obsessed with Marine fish and all that jazz…so he wants to go snorkeling and stuff. I would like to be able to swim with dolphins. That’s on my bucket list!

I know that every state, or place in the world has its pros and cons. Things just seem like they’re really looking up for me and my life, you know?

So, I am totally excited!!! I would love any input from any of you! Whether you are an actual Floridian, live or have lived someplace similar, or just know what a major change like this is like…share your thoughts :o)

❤ Happy Days Happy Days ❤


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