I’ll See You At The River…

I'll See You At The River...

Yesterday evening, a little after 6p.m. my daddy, Holland, passed away in the ICU at the local Medical Center. He was surrounded by love as my mother, sister, and I held onto him, waiting for Jesus to come and take him home. He passed peacefully. This was a very dark day in our lives, but the brightest for dad. He is no longer suffering in any way. He’s resting in Jesus. I’m sure that he *walked* through the valley of the shadow of death and feared no evil.

Praise God for the precious childhood memories my sister and I are blessed with, and the nearly 50 years he shared in marriage to my mother—An amazing dad, husband, and friend. He has moved onto the next level, but a part of him lives on in me, and in my sister, mother, and all of the lives that he touched along his journey. My dad was a Vietnam Veteran, but is also Forever and ever, OUR HERO! We love you daddy..

See you in Heaven!

***Thanks to everyone here at WordPress, my dear friends who took the time to pray for him or wish us well, everything. God bless all of you. We cannot thank you enough for your loving, kind support! ❤


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  1. My sincere condolences, Amanda. My parents are not here any more. So I’ve got used to it – to live my own way on my own. Let the Creator bless and take your father back. Take care of yourself.

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