Everything Changes In The Morning.







(Above: Lyrics by Avenged Sevenfold-So Far Away)

This morning my family will find out the results of the tests to be done after my dad’s 48 hour stay in ICU so far. We will see what is going on with his brain and everything.

I am not questioning God. I don’t want my dad to suffer anymore, amputated without legs, confined to a bed in the nursing facility, where he barely even watches the small TV on the wall. Not a thing on this earth to look forward to, and he can’t see that well either. Its so depressing. I am okay with it though if God decides to take him home. Its going to be the worst thing I’ve ever felt if it happens, but I want him to be free and happy…

Tomorrow, the fate of my dad, my family, and the future will be revealed.

3 responses

  1. May the Blessings Be!

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! ❤

      1. It is so difficult to face a loved one’s anguish in this world. But your love transcends all.

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