Its Happening. My Dad is in the ICU.

A couple days ago things took a turn for the worse for my dad. I knew he was the worst I’d ever seen him when at the nursing facility on my birthday, May 29th. He didn’t talk or interact with us much.

Monday night around 6 p.m. while cleaning house, I got an unexpected phone call from my mother. She told me that my father had aspirated on a diabetic protein shake at Dialysis and then couldn’t breathe. Paramedics wound up doing CPR, dad was taken to the ER.  Then when he could not breathe anymore, he was moved on up to ICU where he was placed on a Vent to be sedated for a couple of days as his medical team lowered his body temperature, and are raising it soon to wake him and do some tests.

Monday night, my sister and I were able to go back into ICU to see him for a few minutes. He was in the worst shape I’d ever seen him in with cords and lines attached all over him, and then the life support tubes etc.. This is indeed the worst thing I have ever seen in my life, and it hurts more because my dad was in it. I had never been in the ICU anywhere. As we walked past several rooms before coming to dad’s, I looked into a few of them, as they were glass in front. What a saw was an eye opener. These people were fighting for their lives. They were in such a horrible state. This experience changed me somehow.

Before entering dad’s room, my sister and I had to put gloves, a plastic gown, and a mask on because of the MRSA that he has, and has had for years. It was just precautionary so that it didn’t leave the unit. The nursing home didn’t do that. This made the experience even more difficult. Things just felt so less human like. I don’t know what to say or how to describe it. The nurse explained what was going on and then left us alone with him to visit. I don’t know if he could hear me while he was sedated, but I talked to him anyway, telling him I loved him so much and that it was going to be okay. Then I prayed at his bedside. I asked God for a healing, peace, and end of suffering, however His Will would take care of things. I won’t question Him.

I slept 4 hours last night. This is crazy. Even though we were all aware things would worsen, and change this way, it’s still a shock. I don’t know much at all about medicine or how things work in that field. I am not sure what the stats on this situation are-but to me it doesn’t matter because God’s plan is unique from one soul to another.

My dad is indeed a super hero without a cape. His heart is so loving, deeper than any ocean. I am constantly praying for the best. Dad is in the hands of God-and actually, that’s really the best place to be. God is all powerful and God is love. He takes care of things for the best, and I trust Him.

So please, friends, readers of faith, I ask for your prayers. Thank you so very much. God bless every one of you.


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