So, I Got A New Guitar.

I am not entirely a guitar virgin. I had a class in high school, and played my Fender Acoustic DG7. Don’t let that sentence mislead you, I really didn’t learn anything. Now that I am actually interested, I’m rocking something that is a lot more ‘cool,’ to me at least, lol. I got a new, black Fender Stratacoustic from a man off of Craigslist. Its awesome. I love the fact that I can have an amp now. I am definitely not a campfire guitar kind of girl. I was born to shine. ๐Ÿ˜›ย  How’s that for a dose of confidence? Nah, I am just overly excited, with big dreams like everybody else.

There are billions of guitar players in the world. So, what makes one special? What does it take to get to play at a county fair? How can you make it on a musician contest show? How can you even win the auditions to make it even bigger? I’m not even sure if I would be coordinated enough to play and sing at the same time LOL! This may sound a bit grandiose to many of you. Especially you guys that have followed me for a long time and know that I’m Bipolar and get a little excited now and then… ๐Ÿ˜›

My fingers hurt. I don’t remember this part. I’m just shocked at how enthused I am about this instrument and learning something new again. Using my brain for something other than social media or gaming! I’ve been collecting dust for 6 years. Now, here I am. I’m ready to give something a try. I am not ready for a career though. I have much experience for 29 years of age, a lot to say, and a lot to write about, so I am going to do just that.

I promised my husband that I wouldn’t take a photo of me WITH my guitar until I could actually do something decent, lol. This was all in fun, but I’m sticking to it.

guitar1 guitar2











This one is more than a prop. I actually care about this. I have a strange, strong attraction to my new hobby. It feels like it could be more than that. I don’t mean The Voice or getting signed. I sure hope my future involves music. I am somewhat talented in that area. I was always too anxious to perform. Maybe that’s why I am not the best singer. I hope that’s it. I hope that I just need practice, and that the fact that I hid my voice for so long is why it isn’t the greatest it could be…

So I guess I’m just going to focus on the intro to Nothing Else Matters by Metallica for now. I am learning at a better pace than I anticipated. Metallica is one of my husband’s favorite bands of all time-if not favorite. I admire them as well. I want us to have more things to share. He can sing. Me..I am not sure. I know I can sing as in keep a tune or melody going well. I’m not a diva though. No Celine, Mariah, or Reba. I suppose I just have my own thing going. I don’t know.

Since I was little I have been in love with music. From playing the blues, goofing around on kiddy my harmonica at age 3, to singing in the talent show sophomore year in high school while drum major of the marching band…I want my song to carry on. As I say all the time, I am not over. Having a teenage sister as a child was a plus because I got into music a lot more. I think my sister had a lot to do with it. Its always been there.

I feel something coming on. There’s more to life. What God has planned for me is more than I can see

So, I think I am going to get back to practicing. This was my break. It didn’t help my fingers any though, lol.

God bless, guys!



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