Pro-Life & Proud

Pro-Life & Proud

Say what you will. My point is…that no matter how small, or what stage of development a ‘fetus’ aka baby, aka human being is in, it was put in the woman by God. There is a living soul within her. To destroy this individual is murder in my opinion.

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  1. Your religious beliefs do not belong in a discussion of any legal issue, including abortion. After all, the laws of this country were always meant to be secular. So why is it so hard for you to respect that fact?

    Also, abortion isn’t murder. The definition of murder, according to most legal dictionaries, is “the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought.” Abortion doesn’t involve malice, since a woman who gets an abortion simply doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore, and does not feel any sort of ill will towards the fetus inside of her. If there were a way to end the pregnancy without killing the fetus, you can bet she’d choose that instead of abortion.

    1. You left off the end of that sentence. “the killing of a human being by a sane person, with intent, malice aforethought…and with no legal excuse or authority”
      The problem with using this definition of murder is that, back when slavery was legal in the US, slave owners had the LEGAL right to kill their slaves. In some countries, it is still legal to kill your wife. In some, it’s legal to kill gay people, or people of certain religions. Those may not fall into the “legal” definition of murder, but it doesn’t make them any less of a murder.

      Also, you say that the woman holds no malice toward her unborn child. This is also untrue.
      Malice is “a desire to cause harm to another person.” Whether you feel like admitting it or not, wanting to get an abortion means wanting to kill the unborn child. Even if you use more “objective” term, it’s wanting to “end the pregnancy” and the only way to do that is to end the life of another individual. You may not view that individual as another person, but it has its own DNA, its own body, and does indeed feel pain. So there is literally no way to go through an abortion without holding malice toward that child. Period.

      Lastly, using a current law as a moral objection or defense isn’t the strongest argument. At various times in the past, laws have been in place that are now considered wrong, unjust, or just plain stupid. And I’m sure there are laws in place now that in the future will be viewed the same way. So just because something is legal now, does not make it right or just by default.

      1. Even with that added to the definition of murder, it still makes no sense to call abortion murder.

        Also, why do you think abortion is anything like slavery? A first-trimester fetus cannot even think, feel pain or emotions, or know that it exists. Slaves, on the other hand, felt immense amounts of pain, humiliation, anger, and fear. So why compare them to something that can’t even feel at all, such as a first-trimester fetus? Do you really think that’s a loving position to take on this issue? If so, then how is it loving at all to be so dismissive of slaves’ experiences?

        And women who get an abortion aren’t bloodthirsty killers. They don’t want to cause harm to anyone. Like I already said, f there were a way to end the pregnancy without killing the fetus, you can bet that a woman would choose that instead of abortion. So why do you seem to want to demonize and outright lie about women who choose abortion by claiming that their actions are malicious?

        And no, a first-trimester fetus cannot feel pain. Here’s proof:,8599,1566772,00.html

        So yet again, you’re lying. Why do you seem to think that your lies are superior to my actual, proven facts?

        Also, a tumor has its own DNA and its own “body,” too. (Not to mention that it’s not sentient just like a first-trimester fetus isn’t sentient.) So do you think it’s malicious for a person to have a tumor taken out of their body? Or will you admit that malice has nothing to do with killing something that has its own unique DNA and its own body?

      2. Quiet Dove, just wondering, how many abortions have you had? I didn’t know if this was a topic that hit close to home or what. I am not judging you for whatever reason. Mortals or human beings made of flesh aren’t capable of judging others. I wish you well ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Clearly logic isn’t going to work with you. You took everything I said and twisted it to suit your own views, so there is literally no point in trying to come back with any kind of reasonable argument. I’ll just leave you to your views and I’ll keep mine.

      4. I’ve actually had no abortions, but I know that I would get an abortion if I were sexually active, since going through pregnancy and childbirth would be more stress than I’d be able to deal with. Why is my sex life any of your business, though? Can you not see how rude it is to ask a woman how many abortions she’s had? Or do you think it’s perfectly okay for you to be as rude as you want?

      5. abstemious2eternity, how did I twist anything you said? Mind giving me some specific examples of how I did that? Because it seems to me like all I did was refute your arguments, which is nowhere near the same thing as twisting your words.

    2. Hello again, Quiet Dove. I’ve noticed you aren’t so ‘quiet’ anytime I tag the word “abortion” in a post. We obviously have very strong opposing opinions regarding this touchy matter. You have your principles which you live by, or what morals, and I have mine. You may respect them or get off of my comment box.

      1. You don’t respect pro-choicers’ opinions, so why should I have to respect your opinions? Also, aren’t you conservatives supposed to be all about freedom? So why, then, are you trying to take away my Freedom of Speech by trying to censor me?

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