My Marriage vs. A Nicholas Sparks Novel…

It didn’t turn out the way I’d anticipated, or fantasized. It certainly did not turn out like one of those Nicholas Sparks novels that become motion pictures, capturing the hearts of the world as the stories of perfect love are brought to life… Ladies, we are not Cinderella, and there is NO Prince Charming. Every man, or woman, that may catch your eye in awe of their amazing physique, charm, quick wit, and wowing sense of humor comes along with baggage. I know it sounds really negative, but keep reading! People don’t just come with baggage, but with something to share and teach you that no other soul could in this lifetime! To sum it up, as we all know, with every relationship comes possibility. Possibility for miracles. Many, many times you will learn something about your partner that truly surprises you. Such things can range from something small that can be worked out, yet sometimes the obstacles encountered with the person you want to share your life with are just more than you can handle. You just have to do what’s best for you, ya know? You can hope, dream, and even pray for a miracle. You may be delivered.

Sometimes I wonder what my husband would think (or do) if he ever read my blog. I mean, he sees me writing most every day or sharing things on here. He doesn’t like reading for starters. Then, he’s too busy, caught up in hobbies of his own. We are suffering financially and mostly because of his expensive hobby. I’m not saying that I don’t spend money on things, or even for fun, frivolously. Anyone who knows anything about Marine fish or salt water aquariums and corals knows that the hobby involves great expense, much of the time. Most people with our type of income do not have so much of this hobby. Perhaps they have one really nice tank, or a few things. We have much going on in our own pieces of the ocean. We have 2 small dogs, and 2 birds other than all of our few fresh, and many Marine fish and corals.

I’m not complaining all the way, I just thought I would vent on the matter as I am not sleepy tonight. Though I am not by an means involved with his hobby, I really love the beauty of our piece of the ocean. My favorite fish is our Blue Tang “Little Boy Blue” haha!

People change. People evolve. I am not the same woman I was 5 years ago when we married. Gray is entered my black hair, and I am now wearing the laugh lines of time. He is not the same man. His religious views have changed, his hobbies have changed somewhat. He is still very much a true gamer as well though. I am not into gaming as much now, I have grown spiritually tremendously. We made the decision to not have kids, which was huge. We’ve moved a few times, from our first awkward, haunted house all the way to the nice house on the nice street we have now! We’ve come upon a few forks in the road and a humongous wall. However, instead of perishing in hopelessness behind that wall, we took the cannonball of our love and blew it to smithereens, and now we are doing so much better!

Nicholas Sparks is one heck of a writer…the movies based on the books are so moving, and fantasy is so appealing. But, ya know…if you open your eyes, real life can be far more rewarding as our troubles shape us into the people and couples that we were meant to become.

The good, the bad and the ugly: He takes all of me in. He appreciates all of my positive, helpful and great attributes, is very patient with my Bipolar agitation and irritability that resurfaces from to time, and finally, he sees beyond my flesh, and into my very essence. Behind the mortal that I am, he sees the spirit that is forever intertwined with his.


That’s love. That’s the spice of life. That’s worth waking up for in the morning. That’s what gets me through, as he is my main support system, and primary motivator in life!

I love my husband. We just need to work on our finances, financial plan or budget, and change our attitudes and goals regarding resources and funds for the month. I suppose that’s our area of trouble in the marriage. But, hey, every couple has something!

Wishing everyone a great night and morning, thanks for reading! Come back now, ya hear?

LOVE to all of you!



  1. Maintaining a marine aquarium is a huge expense. I’m down to one tank, with artificial corals. I try to keep my expense down to a monthly water change and some basic chemicals and food for it. It still looks good, but is not nearly as expensive as live reef tanks.

    1. I know, its so crazy how much it costs for ‘a little piece of the ocean’! I think Marine fish/reef tanks are very beautiful and I prefer them over fresh water, but this hobby is really cutting into our means for survival. Its like out of control! 😛
      We are going to be working on it though 🙂

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