You Are Beautiful. You are the living art of God; A Masterpiece.

You Are Beautiful. You are the living art of God; A Masterpiece.

Do not let the world that we are in tell you who you are and what you’re worth. God made you beautiful before you were even here!

Society has this concept that there is only one perfect body type for both male and female. How is that even realistic? I mean, there’s around 7 billion people on this planet! For example, do you see Victoria’s Secret selling underwear or lingerie beyond maybe a size 8, maybe 10? Not sure…but, they are trying to shrink the world and create an even stronger epidermic of eating disorders and self hatred and harm. This is why the few plus size shops like Lane Bryant can charge outrageously for all of their clothing. I stopped shopping there a while back when it occurred to me that if there was no ‘sale’ mostly everything was $50.00 each…lol.

Believe me, In years past, I’d worry over everything I ate all day in fear and regret. I despised my body. With the airbrushed/photo shopped poster of Britney Spears in my room, I would stare in self loathing. Why couldn’t I be beautiful too? I was. We don’t see how special we really are sometimes…Today’s world really doesn’t make it any easier…

Even though now I am a lot ‘more to love’ than in my teens, I am confident and I love who I am and appreciate my body. Don’t get me wrong, I am very active and doing something about my situation. It’s just that now, I love me in the process! This life is too short for us to waste it in self criticism! I find this happening a lot in today’s youth…its everyone, really.
For years, most of my teens and more, I was at war with myself. Recovery is quite blissful, and though it doesn’t come easily, I promise you that it is possible. You are precious and worthwhile. So let it go. You are it!

Well, I have great news!
*If you actually need to lose weight or make a change, remember this: The human body only responds to love. —It took me a loooong time to figure that one out. Let my experience shorten your pain if possible. Take a stand now and declare your individuality!

God bless everyone this Lord’s Day!


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