Second Thing I Ever Really Made With My Design Tablet…


Hopefully you can tell that this is a bird…lol. I made this with my Wacom while looking up at my pet Parakeet, Rocky. He is also green. This image is now part of my new customized blog header too 🙂

I am obviously a noob aka novice in the world of digital art, but I love it so much! Somebody told me that I have potential! I am hopeful, hehe! 🙂 I have always loved art…the arts. All of ’em.

I hope to someday develop a talent so wonderful as my friend at:

Love his work! Check Him out if you haven’t already! 🙂

I feel so happy right now. All of the negativity of this past week due to hormonal imbalance etc.. is long gone! Tomorrow is the Lord’s day and I am going to try on my dress tonight so there will be no surprises in the morning to knock me off my path! God bless everyone! Sweetest dreams, always.



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    1. Thank you! I was spiritually choking last week. Thing is, I haven’t been this close to ultimate success in every area of my life in years. The enemy knows it. So, I just gotta raise the bar, step it up a notch and keep on! If I let evil conquer me, then it is also defeating me in every area, every family member and friend or neighbor I am supposed to share something with, or maybe my message would never be heard–or would cease being heard. Its so important for us to stay strong. The smell of success is sickening to the devil, lol… 😛
      I am glad you like my header! Thanks so much! I love making stuff/graphics.
      God bless!!! ❤

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