Personal Journey

In Reflection Tonight…

In Reflection Tonight...

At Sudan, Nuba Mountain Region:
Starving and sickly children in our world. Its real. I don’t see things like this unless I look online, or see this on the news.

I am rich. I am blessed. I may not be able to become a six figure salary professional or ‘work’ at all due to my Bipolar disorder situation, but I can make a difference. We can all make a difference. We can all make our mark. If we couldn’t we wouldn’t have been placed by God where we are, and chosen for our own specific missions for earth.

I have amazing health insurance that includes a 24 hour nurse line for medical advice any time I need it and so much else.
I truly repent of all the complaining of earlier today. I won’t hide how I feel or deny the truth, but sometimes we need a reminder of who we are, and what we are blessed to have and to know.
Bottom line here is:

There is no ‘normal’ and just like our thumbprints, our mission for earth is so unique from one soul to the next. Lets not let the ideals of society bother us so much that we miss the point.

God bless everyone tonight!



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