The Authority of His Name

I was sitting in my chair last night alone in our living room, and in a quiet moment it hit me. I began thinking about Jesus, and just how powerful His Name really is.

As a Christian, I pray in Jesus’ Name. All of our prayers as Christians end that way because ultimately we are instructed to do so in the Bible by Jesus Himself:

John 16: 23

“…Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My Name, He will give it to you.”


The Name of Jesus is the most powerful thing that we as human beings could ever utter. Many people use the Name of Christ in vain in whatever fashion while cursing. They do not realize that the misuse of the Holy Name of The Lamb of God isn’t to be taken lightly. Perhaps they do not know about the ultimate sacrifice that He made on that Cross when all the sins of humanity were cast upon His frail, beaten and broken body as He slowly died, stretched out on the Cross. It was a very horrific event. If you want to get a very real idea of it, just watch an excerpt of The Passion of Christ or the new movie, Son of God. I enjoyed both of these films as they truly depicted His life, and how horrific the Crucifixion of Jesus was as best they could.

Here is a clip of how Jesus’ crucifixion were to be via The Passion Of The Christ:

(Keep in mind, this is very graphic in violence)

Now, having seen just what a terrible thing that it was, can you appreciate Jesus just a little bit more? Show more respect? I can’t stand to watch much of that video clip as its full of violence and all that. It happened though. Christians remember it in Communion every Sunday, or at least are commanded to do so in The Bible by Christ.

Not only is the Name of Jesus used in prayer, but for other things as well.

  • All power of Heaven and Earth is given unto Jesus. We’re baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  (Matthew 28:18-19)
  • Demons are cast out in His Name. (Mark 1:21-27)
  • We are to do all that we do in the Name of Jesus and give thanks to God through Christ. (Colossians 3:17) Because of Jesus we have a relationship with God. That’s Christianity.

I just caught myself mumbling “In Jesus’ Name…Amen..” at the end of my prayers one day and I thought to myself ‘Am I really considering what I am saying here?’ I don’t think I have ever given the true credit to this concept like I should. I have finally come to an awareness of the power that is there when you close that prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ! It’s so easy to say something and not think about what it means. Because of Jesus, I am forgiven. Because of Jesus, Heaven can be my home if I live out all my days according to the Word of God. For a long time I haven’t given a thought to just how strong and powerful the use of my Savior’s Name really is.

Life is fast. We aren’t promised tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to slow down and think on things, set your priorities and all. When I took the time to pause and think about the way that we pray I was inspired to share this post with you. I hope this inspires you in some way and that you will be blessed by it!

God be with you always,




*Image courtesy, Yahoo.



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