Things I’ve Learned About Life From My Parakeet, Rocky

Things I've Learned About Life From My Parakeet, Rocky

He may be small, but much can be learned from this little guy. I mean, look! He really knows how to shine in a photograph and make things extra special!

This past winter in my deep depression, I didn’t get my birdy out as much as I should have. However, he remained happy, and sang anyway, bobbed his head, and looked forward to breakfast and dinner every day.
-There is purpose to be found in each day of existence. Joy is something that’s possible all of the time, even when we are “caged.”

As we’ve heard before “Big things come in little packages.”
-No matter how ‘small’ you are, you are still so very able to change the world with your smile, and make your mark while you are here with the work you are called to do. No matter how little your resources may be, or how big your obstacles…it can happen, and if you want it badly enough, with the work required, it will!

Rocky is green. His look is of the ‘Standard Parakeet.’ Though he’s not exactly the most handsome or rare birdy of the world, he is amazingly beautiful, and perfect because he is what he is-what God made him to be.
– We can apply this to ourselves. God makes no mistakes. Look at all of these exotic birds, and marine fish as well, for example! They are so different from what we’re used to up here where I’m at! We are all beautiful, very unique, and given distinct features about us, tasks to carry out, and our own types of obstacles on the earth which lead us to our very own individual destinations.

Finally, I feel that along with the fact that God gave us animals to have for companionship and to enjoy. I also believe that there is much to be learned from every creature on this earth. They are all amazing! I’ve given you 3 of the many things I’ve learned from my Parakeet, Rocky, aka Rock-Man. I hope you find this inspiring in some way or that it may bring a smile to your face!


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