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If You Are Hurting, Hold on!

If You Are Hurting, Hold on!

I’m trusting in God Almighty. When I ran out of the medication I needed to stabilize me upon experiencing a manic episode last week, Our Father stepped in. I had the basic medications I normally take, but my rescue meds were really expired, and I couldn’t get up with my doctor.
These past 4-5 days God has been my Saphris. With the Power in His Hands that touched my fragile, jolted mind I have been able to sleep 8 hours a night for the past 3-4 nights! This is a miracle considering the mania I was fighting with last week. I shouldn’t have gotten much sleep at all. This defies all human logic. I believe in miracles!

Once again when I let my fingers slip away, nearly completely from His Hand with all of that mania which was brought about by my allergy to the stimulant, Caffeine, He did not let me fall. I am not worthy. I’ve been in this cycle for months now, making the same mistakes. I keep poisoning my system with this stimulant that has a horrible reaction with my medications. My allergy is rare and not that common, but Caffeine is Cocaine and Heroine to me. I can get it legally, and through a drive through window-don’t even have to leave my car…

I’m not saying for anyone to stop their medication and leave it all up to God, just simply that when we’re down to nothing and nobody else can help, He CAN, and He WILL DELIVER!!!

No matter how much pain you are dealing with, He is stronger than all of it. Let Him be your Healer, and I guarantee results. Your miracle is only one prayer away! Surrender your life, your pain to Jesus Christ and you will truly know peace.
Blessed be His Holy Name!!! ❤
Praise God!



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