Personal Journey

The Lily and The Rose…You Are One of a Kind!

IMG_1135 Lillie’s are my most favorite flower in the entire world! My most favorite Lily is the pink one-the kind of pink in the photo to the left here. My husband got me a fresh pot of these pink Lillies last year in May for my birthday.

However, I am primarily sharing a beautiful lily because when I talk about eating disorders, body image,self esteem, and people comparing themselves and their bodies to others…I always, always tell my peoples that you cannot compare a Lily to a Rose! The two are both breathtaking, and deserve to be celebrated in their own way! God made every flower the way he wanted it to be. They were shaped, given color, and placed where they belonged on this planet. He knew that these things called flowers would bring us joy, strengthen bonds, comfort and bring cheer to people. This principle applies to us humans as well.

Believer or not, In the text of my Bible, you were made in the Very Image of God! He cherishes us far more than any of the rest of His creation. That is why he sent Jesus…the one and only way to The Father. Seek Jesus now and find Salvation, and the healing of your brokenness. He will take out your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh and put His Spirit in you. Then you will be able to love everyone, even your worst enemies. We could never do that on our own.


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