“Channing All Over My Tatum”


“Published on Jun 18, 2013

Jimmy first coined the phrase “I wanna Channing all over your Tatum” when Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx were guests on the show. After the phrase gained popularity they all decided that a music video was in order. Some celebrity friends (including Miley Cyrus) joined in the fun.”

Hilarious music video with eye candy! :)



“Girl’s Not Grey” AFI Lyrics & me…


“Girl’s Not Grey”

Verse 1
by AFI

I’ll lay me down tonight
Much further down
Swim in the calm tonight
This art does drown
 photo 100_1114.jpg
Verse 2
All insects sing tonight
The coldest sound
I’d send God’s grace tonight
Could it be found?
 photo 100_1003.jpg
Verse 3
I’ll lay me down tonight
Much further down
Watch stars go out tonight
On sinking ground
 photo cartoonme.jpg
I left out the chorus because the verses speak louder to me.
I am an AFI fan. I hopped on the bandwagon in 2003 when I was introduced to Sing The Sorrow by an old pal. The guys have evolved like all bands do, and I think that Burials their latest album rocks! :)

My Bucket List. So Far…

This life is short. I’ve been thinking a lot about what matters most lately. So, I am creating a list of things I want to do before I pass on. I will continue to edit this post over time.

For now, here’s my list in no particular order:

  1. Go on a special vacation with my mom and sister before mom gets too old to get around.
  2. Renew my vows with my husband in Hawaii.
  3. Save a life in sharing my story: How I battled Bipolar disorder, Bulimia, and am managing now.
  4. Someday adopt a larger dog from a shelter like a German Shepherd or Great Pyrenees.
  5. Once I get completely in shape, horseback ride regularly as I do live in Kentucky!
  6. Figure myself out.
  7. Become a regular speaker at the NAMI organization here in central KY.
  8. Develop a genius idea that will give me great health insurance and wean me from Govt. help.
  9. Become a Sunday school teacher at my Church.
  10. Make a few more true friends to share in both our obstacles and triumphs!

I will check these off and add on in the future!


Have you ever made or considered making your own bucket list?

God bless!

Ending on a Positive Note…

Today was another awesome blessing from God for me on earth. My husband fills in all of the gaps of sadness when I miss my family or get homesick. I am blessed to have such a remarkable person to share this road with of life with! My journey became an ‘adventure’ around 5 years ago…and it keeps getting brighter!

I love you Jerry! <3


Miranda Lambert Loves Dogs! (In case you didn’t already know)

Via countrymusicnation.com…
“Miranda Lambert is a big animal advocate, and she loves to help pets in need of good homes. Recently, the singer teamed up with Pedigree to make the world a better place for shelter dogs. When Pedigree launched their new Shelter Renovation Project, Miranda’s Tishomingo Animal Shelter became the pet food company’s very first beneficiary.”
See video:

Miranda Lambert Tears Up Talking About Saving Shelter Dogs



From Miranda’s Facebook Page:

Every dog lover has a story to tell, and I’m so excited to unveil my own story in a documentary film that shares my passion for dog adoption. Plus, every time you share your own story using #DogTalesPedigree Adoption Drive will donate food to a shelter in need, so let’s hear your stories! #sponsored 


Miranda Lambert just happens to be my favorite singer already, so I guess now she shines a little brighter for me! :)