Good Morning!

Good morning, my friends!

It’s another awesome, great day to be alive! I just opened every blind and pulled back every curtain in this house, because I want every bit of light to come inside. I am full of joy even though I have nothing going on or planned for today. No excitement. But…because of God above I have a reason to be happy every time my eyes open before I rise out of bed.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day! :)

Today is another chance for us to get up from being knocked down, to say yes to happiness, to decide to be happy no matter what.


Cosmic Art and Soul

Do you like this image?

or this one?

or this?

"Let The Wind Carry You" - Matted Print

I love them!

I just discovered this brilliant artist on Facebook tonight, and had to share all of this awesomeness!  Each of these 3 prints (and so many others) can be bought also as tote bags, pillow covers, and clothing, and more! :)

Pretty cool.

Official Website HERE

Find Cosmic Art & Soul  on Facebook.

ash guitar

Have a great night, y’all!

Morning Walk

Today was one of the last few warmer days of the year in eastern KY. Autumn is thriving. The trees cover the mountains like a fancy throw covers your couch.  Such a flattering accent they are. The sky is at its bluest of blue, and I am alive. This is awesome. I had the entire track to myself today because it rained earlier and I was the only one who went to hour by hour…so take that! lol :)

It was a pleasure to walk outside today. So much that I had to pause for a photo of my experience.

Happy Fall, dear friends! :)

Pick You Up Soon

I saw this image on a friend of mine’s page and It really made me think.


“If you’re scared that you don’t matter,
If you’re lost and need to be found,
If you’re looking for a Savior,
All you gotta do is turn around.

No one listens to you anymore,
And your heart has broken down,
You don’t need to move,
Love has come to you,
All you gotta do is turn around.

Turn Around

Song by Matt Maher

Jealousy: A Poison to both Mind & Body

Recently, I began thinking about how much time I spent in my younger years of life (and even now) looking at the lives of others, seeing how green their grass was as opposed to mine…

Taking the time to open the eyes of my heart and  addressing the blessings of another creates an awareness of jealousy. I’ve found that once we analyze this we can easily see the humanness behind it all. We see our insecurities, fears, and the comparison of our lives to those of others (which is pointless and only encouraged by evil to ultimately destroy us with the hardening of the heart). The feelings of anger and frustration steal our joy. If this isn’t addressed to be taken care of, all of the potential inside of us, along with our very own gifts is waste.

The amount of energy put into the concern of some other person’s success, blessings, and the fruits of their labor could be used to accomplish things in our own lives.

So, be yourself, changing the world in the way that only you can!

I know that I need to be vocal and take action to express my delight in the success of others. I must keep my eyes fixed on my own homework, as copying leads to failure. I need to practice selflessness, thanking God for it all in praise and prayers of gratitude. In being observant of the needs of others, and not mine alone, I will live a far more fulfilling life. The peace is like nothing else.

God bless, dear friends.

The 2 Great Things I Learned in 2014

This year I have learned 2 major lessons to life.

No matter who you are, where you are. This applies.

  1.  There is one Universal Answer to every question we have or will ever have. It is “God’s grace is enough.” (2 Corinthians 12:9) So all of the things that come up in my life, that confuse me, cause me pain, and I want them gone…God does not have to take them away because His power that rests on me is enough. God doesn’t have to move the mountain, He may simply give me the strength I need to climb my way to the top.

No one Else’s prayer is any better than yours. It doesn’t take a long line of intellectual dialogue to communicate with God. He is listening for words from your heart. Cry out and tell Him what hurts. Tell Him what you need. Tell Him how thankful you are for the very breath you breathe.

2. My life was dramatically, forever changed when I not only spoke to the Lord, but I started listening. Signs began showing up in my life. I received hints from Heaven.

You might ask, How does one listen to God?

Of course I agree with my brothers and sisters in Christ that we hear by the Word. The Truth of The Bible is how God speaks. It’s also…in being open for these great signs, blessings, and miracles. Let your faith be wide open, like the sky. When you are open to God you are able to understand, to hear Him…and receive all of these things.


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