World Wide Suicide Prevention: Get HELP NOW

I finally found a place that offers world-wide help with suicide crises and not just  my country. I am very happy to have found this. I encourage you to take a look around the site, and always encourage others who are hurting. Maybe you know someone,  if not yourself, who may benefit from this website!

Befrienders Worldwide

Providing emotional support to prevent suicide worldwide.

We listen to and help people without judging them.

Find a Hotline for help In YOUR country or where you are right NOW



God bless <3

Back Before Everything Became Automatic…

Here’s the music video to one of my favorite Miranda Lambert songs, Automatic. The video is awesome, and I have shared the lyrics below. I took the time to do this one because its exactly how I feel about all of it today. The world…life. Miranda and I are about the same age so I really relate to this song.



The Lyrics

Automatic, by Miranda Lambert

Quarter in a payphone
Drying laundry on the line
Watching sun tea in the window
Pocket watch, tellin’ time
Seems like only yesterday, I’d get a blank cassette
Record the country countdown, ’cause I couldn’t buy it yet

If we drove all the way to Dallas
Just to buy an Easter dress
We’d take along a Rand McNally, stand in line to pay for gas
God knows that shifting gears ain’t what it used to be
I learned to drive that ’55, just like a queen three on a tree

Hey what ever happened to waiting your turn
Doing it all by hand, ’cause when everything is handed to you
It’s only worth as much as the time put in
It all just seems so good the way we had it
Back before everything became automatic

If you had something to say
You’d write it on a piece of paper
Then you put a stamp on it
And they’d get it three days later
Boys would call the girls
And girls would turn them down
Staying married was the only way to work your problems out

Hey what ever happened to waiting your turn
Doing it all by hand, ’cause when everything is handed to you
It’s only worth as much as the time put in
It all just seems so good the way we had it
Back before everything became automatic

Let’s roll the windows down
Windows with the cranks
Come on let’s take a picture
The kind you gotta shake

Hey what ever happened to waiting your turn
Doing it all by hand, ’cause when everything is handed to you
It’s only worth as much as the time put in
It all just seems so good the way we had it
Back before everything became automatic, automatic

A Few Moments With Dad…



Yesterday on the way back to my mother’s house (a 3 hour drive southeast into the Appalachian mountains) when taking her back home after a month of medical tests, appointments and adjustments, I made an unexpected stop along the way. We drove up on the hillside of a huge cemetery where most of our family is buried, including my father.

This photo is what it looks like from where I sat on the ground beside his grave. The tombstone isn’t placed in yet, but there was an old, American flag  and a little plastic, mount displaying the dates of my dad’s birth and death along with his photograph. Once I made it up the hill, I couldn’t just stand there. I sat down on the ground, on the grass beside where my dad was laid to rest. I talked to him, like many people do when visiting the graves of loved ones. I have no clue if he could hear me from Heaven above, or if God allows that, but I released my pain. I cried. I’ve been grieving for almost 3 months now.

Finally, I prayed before getting up and going back down the hill to the car. I thanked the Father for all of the great memories and times spent with dad while he was here. I gave him thanks with all my heart that my dad is no longer suffering. He’s no longer bound in bed, without legs at the nursing facility where he couldn’t even watch the little TV on the wall.  No more horrible 4 hour Dialysis days. However, he did have something that he looked forward to. My dad always finished every meal while there and then some! He really loved to eat and it brought him some comfort, to expect.

This was truly a blessing. A bit of extra closure-type feeling. That evening at the hospital on June 7th, I was there with my hands patting his chest, rubbing his chest that was covered with medical tubes and such. I gave him my consent to go on. I don’t know if he needed it, but I wanted him to know that we would all be okay and that he was about to meet Jesus, looking down at a new set of legs. With my mother and sister at his bed side before he passed, he was surrounded by the important women of his life. I believe his spirit heard me despite the unresponsive body and brain activity.

I’m thankful that I was able to have such a great daddy for many, many years. He loved me so much. I know he would tell me to hang on to the Lord and cry no more.

God bless.



The Way I Plan On Making The Most of It

Consistency and Balance.

Defined via Webster:

  • Consistency: continuing to happen or develop in the same way.
  • Balance:a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance.

Lately it has hit me that these two concepts are really governing the path of my life and where I am headed in all terms of life. There are things that are important to me like losing weight, reaching my ultimate health optimization goal, and looking what I feel is good for me. I also have things of the mind to tend to. Journaling, keeping planners and records of my daily life makes it so much easier for me to stay on top of things. In keeping up with myself in this way, I am able to pick up trends in behaviors over time, and thus able to realize what needs to be modified to achieve the best results or outcome.

We are creatures of habit as they say, and hesitant to change. Change can be uncomfortable on any level, but it’s how we adapt that really determines the success in it all. Being productive really gives me this amazing satisfaction that lifts my mood and motivates me to attempt even more things. I know that we are all living lives that are as unique as our thumbprints.  Though some of our obstacles, talents and such inter-loop, nobody has an identical journey. Support is one of the best things we could ever have, but inner strength, when developed, is so much more. We are steering our own ship!


Exploring What Means The Most To You

What makes up who you are? In the innermost depths of your soul, what drives you to breathe? It’s key to find these things out in order to be our happiest selves despite any circumstances or obstacles life may bring.

We have to have a goal. Make small ones, and big ones later…Then…

So…let’s try this!

  1. In order to find true balance in our lives we develop the list of things to do on paper, dry erase board, reminders in our phone, whatever works.
  2. Next, we prioritize these important things in our lives.
  3. Once we know what we need to do and in what order of importance they are in our lives, then we make the decision. We make the commitment. Step 3 means deciding to give it a try. It may take time. Drive and determination are often difficult to deal with at first, but with patient practice comes reward!

So, once we get to doing all of the things that we desire to bring about the outcomes and desires of our whole being (keeping their place of importance in mind),  decide this time it’s for real, that we want it…All of the procrastinations, excuses, and feelings are easier to deal with! It make sense. I think.

Personally, I’m currently working on taking better care of myself for multiple reasons-using beauty products to make me look and feel better, exercising at set times throughout the week to achieve the long sought after body tone, grow as a Christian-It’s so easy for me to talk and not walk.

Its a struggle. But we have to dance the dance! No matter what, do not give up. This is your life, it’s happening right now! So, get down to business with me, and let’s make it all happen!

Blessings <3