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Why is Christianity so intolerant of other beliefs?

Caged No More:

“Christianity does not teach that only Christians deserve to go to heaven…” Awesome post! Read on! God bless! <3

Originally posted on The Isaiah 53:5 Project:


Christianity is exclusive – those outside the church aren’t saved

Christianity does not teach that only Christians deserve to go to heaven. Rather, it teaches that no one deserves to go to heaven, because we have all done wrong during our lives (Rom 3:23). We can gain admittance to heaven by repenting of our wrongs, accepting Jesus Christ’s death as payment for our wrongs and deciding to follow and worship him as Lord.

The principle is that Jesus is the only way to God, not any particular church or denomination (Jn 6:40). Thus, salvation is accessible to everyone and is intended by God for everyone:

Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! (Is 45:22)

I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people…This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our…

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Taking Meds and Getting In Bed: Bipolar relapse prevention


Taking morning meds right now at noon. I’m a little behind schedule but my sleep was crappy last night. I just cannot stay up and be a pro-gamer with my husband because being a person living with Bipolar disorder, I need a nice, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Have you ever noticed your moods fluctuate when just one night becomes a few? I know I have. My sleep schedule has been out of whack for a little while now. I am determined to go to bed at a particular time, no matter how restless my spirit is. It’s like many times I just feel like I’m missing out on something, so inside I fight going to bed. In reality, I end up eating when I shouldn’t because of the P.M. meds, or anxiety. If I don’t go lay down after chasing them all with my sprite to cover up the chalky, blue Lamictal, the taste in my mouth is just…ugh! So it’s really not worth staying up.

It’s time to reset the body clock. I am so tired and afraid to nap, which is because my naps have become bigger—3 hours ones verses the old 1.5 hour ones. We’ve been here in my hometown for a month now, and since we’ve moved here I’ve been keeping odd hours and not sleeping as well as I should. I’ve been in treatment now over a decade for the Bipolar disorder so I know that this is a red flag. The lack of decent sleep is bad. The sign of not needing sleep when you only got a few hours the night before is a sign you’re in Bipolar hot water. Mania and depression feed off of our violating the rules for sanity! These things mess with our fragile minds. There are so many who are unmediated, or maybe they are, and still do not get the necessary sleep for stability, and the best moods/quality of life.

Last night I didn’t blog, I used the good ole journal and pen instead to get down my thoughts and feelings on a few subjects. I guess I’ll create a post with them later on.

So, yeah.

Taking meds on a regular schedule and getting a nice, uninterrupted night’s sleep are 2 of the things which are vital for a happy, successful life in which we may thrive and not just hang on to survive.

I’m working on it! As we all know, there is no cure right now for Bipolar disorder. We just have to do what we can, best we can and follow the guidelines for a healthy life and sound mind.

The move my husband and I made to this town was quite a big change. I’m going to step up to the plate now though now and work harder.



I seriously feel like I’m 18 inside…

I’m just months away from 30, and I’m scurred! Inside I’m 22 like Taylor Swift!

Or 18…
Where did the time go??? No more convertible, now a responsible adult SUV. No teeny, tiny clothes. Life was forever. After this past near decade I am realizing how time is fleeting by. Don’t wait for Friday, spring breaks, Summer vacations, holidays. Every day counts. Yesterday is gone forever, and what you did means nothing now, other than the consequences, or effects.

So enjoy today. No matter what the weather, what your schedule consists of. Whether its too much to do, or nothing at all.  Your day isn’t over in the a.m. even if it seems so uneventful or even hopeless. The number on the scale shouldn’t affect the number on the 1 to 10 scale of how your day goes.  Someday, when you’re near death, or confined to a hospital bed you won’t wish you could wear those jeans, or that you had a body like Britney Spears.  Worrying robs us of life. I’ve definitely learned that is certain in my 29 years.

I may not see 30. We may not see tomorrow. On a very morbid but true note, dying is certain. The good news is that you and I have the choice to write a new chapter in the book of our lives today!

Let’s do this!

God bless!



My, oh my! It’s Throwback Thursday again already!

So…this Thursday I’m reflecting back on a memory of the year 2006. It was  the autumn after I’d healed up from having surgery.

I rescued a stray, black kitten.

She kept wandering around the apartment building entrance and parking-lot of  where I lived.  As luck would have it, I was in the process of moving someplace else at the time, so I took her with me (as she wouldn’t have been allowed to stay in the apartment). She was the sweetest little thing ever! So cute and so alone. :(

Once she and I got settled into the new place, my heart and her belly grew bigger! I named her Midnight! I kept her until she left this world. Animals make the best of friends! I am so grateful that I found her that day.


Loving ‘Humans’

I just got back from the outdoor walking track. I was there alone for a while and then other people began slowly coming in. I can remember so clearly when I couldn’t go to the walking track because of the other women/girls there. I believed in my heart that I was really flawed and they had it made. If some chick had a decently toned body, slightly in shape, seemed happy and was maybe laughing with a friend, then she was better than me.

So insecure and fearful of judgement with the paranoia that they were all laughing and whispering about me, my visits to the track never lasted too long. There were many times where I would go to the track and not even be able to make it out of the car. It was a pain that burned inside of me so strongly that it governed much of my daily life…

Looking back at the days where my Bulimia was alive and thriving, or my Bipolar medications weren’t adjusted just right, I now see the truth. I understand my pain. More importantly, I better understand other ‘humans’ and I finally grasp the reality that we are all simply mortal. We are all flesh-we bend and break. Somebody else is just like me in another costume. Every person has fears, doubts, pain and sufferings of different sorts. Just because we never hear about them doesn’t mean that these people aren’t dealing with problems of their own.

I will admit that therapy was very helpful for me in gaining insight as to why I felt the way I did, how I could manage those feelings, and make small efforts for a bigger change. I’ve been journaling for years, and it is so therapeutic for me. Typing/blogging too-its all the same. Getting all of the pain out of me…I needed to purge my irrational thoughts and false beliefs, not food.  When I was finally able to understand that we are all simply human, we all bleed, we fall, we fail…and our bodies (toned to plus sized) are but shells that house our very  souls…it was then my eyes were open and my heart softened.

Also, my relationship with God is just as significant in the story of my healing as all the therapy, medications, groups, books, and all.  Truthfully, there were years where I never opened a Bible. My Church attendance was a handful throughout a year if that. However…I never stopped praying. I talked to God daily, or close to it. I know it was my prayers that He heard and answered.  Though so unaware, I was never alone. Because of God’s grace, His favor, I survived. Friends, we need something BIGGER to hold onto. We can’t beat these larger than life struggles alone. When God’s involved, you don’t just end up better off, you end up enlightened, changed, seeing life with new eyes.

So now when I hit the track/gym and I see a fit, sexy girl that looks nothing like me, I do not call her better or happier.  We put our panties on the SAME WAY. I now know that we are all at different places in life.  My storms are my storms. Our rainbows happen when they are supposed to. Just because I am not a single digit dress size like a decade ago, does not mean that I am not happy or sexy myself! This year was so very dark for me, but on a brighter note, it’s been ever so educational. I’ve learned more about life, love for other people, God, where my heart is, what matters since I was first diagnosed.

Praise God.

I am alive and thriving. I’m breathing with a beating heart, I have goals and priorities. This is my life. I no longer spend it analyzing another person’s. This way I have joy. Happiness is born inside of us.



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