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Nocturnal Thoughts

I’m wide awake. The 2mg Xanax bar (prescribed for sleep) isn’t working too well. Plus, my left arm hurts from the over-extension I’d been doing while sitting at my desk for a long time. I saw a doc for that a little while back. I’m very alert and thinking too much. There’s a lot of room for improvement in my life, but I have been quite assertive in getting back on track with the weight loss goal in mind. My psychiatrist recommended morning walks in the sun without sunglasses for depression and stuff. I enjoy this so much more than the treadmill which I used this past winter a lot. It feels great to get out there and set a positive tone for the day, get that Serotonin that I need and burn those calories so that I can reach my goal figure, and maintain the lifestyle.

So, in other news, I have made a dramatic switch in music taste. I have always been a “Pop Tart” lol. I am slowly going country! Haha!

My fave artist was Pink and now its Miranda Lambert.


Wow, I am becoming sleepy now. :O

I guess this is it for now.

Goodnight everyone, God bless, sleep tight, and sweetest dreams!




10 Rockets Were Fired Into Israel Yesterday. Its Happening.

10 Rockets Were Fired Into Israel Yesterday. Its Happening.

Its happening.

The media is ignoring the attack, so I am sharing this information. I encourage you to do so as well.

Those who are against Israel and do harm need to realize that there’s a Spy in the sky and He’s Jewish!!! I encourage everyone to share. The media can ignore this all it wants to, but the Wrath of God is inevitable for those who go against God’s nation and The Apple of His Eye!
Source: Christians United for Israel (CUFI)

To Never Truly Die…

To Never Truly Die...

Image courtesy of John Hagee Ministries.

You can visit Pastor Hagee’s official website at this link:

Simply create a username and a password just like an email account, and there’s so much to enjoy! Many sermons from Pastors John and Matthew Hagee. These messages are those that will be ever significant throuought the remainder of your life.

Included on the website are videos of the ‘Hagee Hotline’ additions. This is where Pastors John and Matthew Hagee discuss current world events concerning the Bible. I really enjoy this!

I hope you visit this site and give it a chance to lift your faith and inspire you!
God bless!


Sometimes God sends Angels to Earth in a Furry Form.

Sometimes God sends Angels to Earth in a Furry Form.

My chunky, soft and sweet baby, Bella. She always knows what I need. I love her so much.

Is your life just too much, and all spiraling out of control? Mine sure was.

Is your life just too much, and all spiraling out of control? Mine sure was.

I stand with scars of both my body and my mind, and I am proud to say that God has made me new again. My story is told throughout this bog in various posts. I grew up a very depressed child and teen, and always confused with what was wrong with me. I felt I was different. Looking back there was so much negativity and bad/sad experiences. It wasn’t until age 18 that my family and I discovered I’d been living my entire young life undiagnosed with Bipolar disorder. This explained much of the negativity as some of it was due to the struggling I did with Bulimia for 7 years.

I had lived for 18 years with a chemical imbalance that affected my mood every waking moment, which goverened my young life. It was the horrific, strange events and experiences that led to my diagnosis. I was infatuated with a Sergeant of the U.S. Army and wound up running away to Radcliff, KY and Fort Knox to be with him for a few days. I was insane and out of my mind. Parents: Monitor your teens internet activity from time to time, because you just never know…
This was just the beginning.
I began to cut. The scars of self harm remain on my 28 year old body. Even though its all exactly a decade ago now, Its as real as yesterday. I have another woman’s memories and her wounds. Following high school graduation and second semester of freshman year in college were a lot of behaviors, ideas, and friends that were most definitely not mine. I was manic a lot-and when not manic, hypo-manic. I spent that summer and into the spring of 2004 sky high with Bipolar mania.
I broke my mother’s heart and worried my family and betrayed friends, and myself as well.
However, I believe that Jesus Christ is The Son of God and that through Him alone there is Salvation, and also happiness. There’s a peace and joy in Jesus like nothing I’ve ever known.

God sees. He hears you. You are NOT over. Do not give up. He has plans for you, and He loves you more than anyone ever has or ever could. He is Almighty. He is everything. I praise Him in this moment and always for saving my life, and mind so that I may take care of my soul, and live to honor Him. I am so grateful that there is hope in Christ.

Let your problems be known! Precious one, call out to Jesus tonight. It never has to be a certain time or place to pray. Don’t hesitate, ever. Tomorrow is never promised, so I encourage you to consider becoming a part of God’s family through His Son, Jesus Christ.
There is nothing better you could ever do.
If you ever need someone to talk to, just message me, and I will respond asap.
God bless you tonight and always!


Teenage Love…via My So Called Life, I love this!

A little Clip
of yum!

The biggest mistake in history of television was to cancel this epic show after ONLY 1 SEASON!!! I just watch the whole thing over again from time to time. lol…

I absolutely love this woman. lol :P

It’s a must watch!!! A new reality show launched all because of her grandson’s regular YouTube videos.

Let me know what you think! haha



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